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Be Whole, Being a Woman
Holistic Healing Retreat


Hanchey Bamboo Resort, Kampong Cham, Cambodia

2020, March 6, 12pm – March 15, 12pm (10D / 9N)

Full Moon March 9

Come and celebrate your womanhood, in sisterhood. Join us on an empowering and healing journey to embrace your full potential as a woman and become the heroine of your own story. Heal, spread your wings and fly. Remember who you truly are and rewrite your own story. Every woman is warmly welcome, regardless of her age and experience.


Treat yourself to this transformational 10-day woman-only retreat in southern Cambodia, located right next to the Mekong River. This holistic Yoga, Healing and Meditation retreat will support you in becoming healthier, happier and feeling whole as a woman. Be the radiant woman you have always dreamt of being.


Every day you will be provided with a nourishing and rhythmic blend of holistic practices such as Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation, yoga Nidra, mantra singing and energy healing. You will acquire knowledge about the yogic lifestyle, yogic philosophy, ayurvedic nutrition, living with the cycles of the moon, various energy healing techniques and Reiki. You will also be shown techniques which can help you to manifest the life of your dreams. You will be learning and practicing your skills in Reiki self-healing and by the end of the retreat you will be initiated and certified in the level 1 Reiki of the Usui Reiki tradition.


The knowledge, tools and inner wisdom you will acquire throughout this 10-day retreat will leave you feeling stronger and more balanced, happy and at peace, healthy and energized. You will be given a repertoire of powerful techniques and skills to help you overcome disharmony and effectively deal with stressful situations in your everyday life. In a supportive community, you will be inspired to find ways to integrate yoga and meditation into your life, as well as how to use Reiki and other energy healing techniques on yourself. By sharing your experiences in sisterhood and learning more about the yogic lifestyle and its philosophy, you will gain enriching new perspectives on your own life. The practice of Mauna (sacred silence) every morning will also give you time for introspection so that you may hear the secret messages of your soul.


Come and join us on this healing journey of transformation so that you can finally become that extraordinary woman who is just waiting to emerge. Learn to love yourself more and open up to the infinite potential of your soul. Deepen your experience of cycling with the moon, flowing with the tides, dancing with the wind and walking in the enchanted circles of life. Embrace your stunning inner and outer beauty and dive into the innate wisdom and creative strength of being a woman.




Daily activities

  • Daily morning and evening practice of Hatha and Kundalini yoga and meditation

  • Practice and learning about energy healing techniques

  • Philosophy talks and inputs on yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, Reiki, moon cycle and energy healing

  • Accommodation and exclusive access to the Bamboo Hanchey Eco Retreat

  • 3 healthy and fresh vegetarian meals per day, prepared by Cambodian chefs

  • Drinking water and fresh local fruits


During the course of the retreat

  • Woman-only full moon retreat

  • Reiki level 1 course and certification

  • Guided visit to Buddhist pagoda, chanting session with the monks, receiving water blessing

  • Free T-Shirt, journal and Cambodian souvenir

  • Morning boat trip and sunrise meditation on Mekong river

  • Guided tours to local village and farms, learning how to prepare local desserts

























05:30                   Morning Bell

06:00 – 08:00      Meditation & Kundalini Yoga

08:30                   Breakfast

09:00 – 11:00      Journaling, Free Time

11:00 – 13:00      Learning Circle: Ayurveda, Reiki, Energy Work, Moon Cycle and more

13:00                   Lunch

13:30 – 17:00      Free time / Private Sessions / Excursions

17:00 – 18:30      Hatha & Restorative Yoga, Pranayama

18:30                   Mantra Circle, Kirtan

19:00                  Dinner

20:00                  Satsang: Questions, Sharing and 15min Shared Meditation






Hanchey Bamboo Resort:

Hanchey Bamboo Resort is located on a hilltop, in a serene and natural setting, with magnificent views over the Mekong River. Neighbors only with the important Buddhist pagoda Wat Hanchey from the 8th century, it provides a unique and peaceful space to unwind, re-energize and retreat.

The spacious open-air Meditation hall has become a centre where spirituality and simplicity are key. The entire resort is built with local and natural materials, and the beautifully minimalistic facilities provide space for you to get back in touch with your natural wisdom and joy, with no distractions.

The resort also operates as a training centre, providing work experience and internships for disadvantaged Cambodian youth, in collaboration with a Cambodian NGO established in 2005 by Buddhist monks.


More information:

































Kampong Cham:

Kampong Cham province is located on the central lowlands of the Mekong River. It has maintained the charm of the real Cambodia, picturesque villages, beautiful wats (temples) and fishing communities, where you can find French colonial architecture and remains from sacred Angkorian temple. Several atmospheric riverbanks and small islands that can be reached by boat or bamboo bridges invite you to enjoy a taste of the rural Cambodian life.

The city life of Kampong Cham is laid back, yet offers a charming, bustling morning river scene and wide boulevards beside the river. Kampong Cham city can be reached easily from Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, with a 2.5h trip by vehicle or boat.







Barbara Isabel Barco is also known as Amrità Sita Harprem Kaur (her spiritual name). She was born and raised in Switzerland, to an Italian father and a British Mother. She was lucky to travel very often from a young age, and feels like a citizen of the world – respecting, learning from and valuing each culture, language and person that she comes across.


Amrità is passionate about psychic energy healing, learning and applying personal development strategies, and living a yogic lifestyle. She finds it hard to go a day without doing some energy work, yoga practice or meditation, and enjoying some tasty home-cooked vegan (and often foraged) food. Amrità is a great lover of nature and cares deeply about the environment. Being outdoors, especially in green spaces, always recharges her batteries and she tries wherever possible to live her life in a way that contributes to positive environmental change. Barbara is an active person and prior to finding her passion for yoga she was a semi-professional Rock'n'Roll acrobatics dancer. She loves travelling, spending time in the woods, supporting people to bring out the best version of themselves, enjoying the company of like-minded people, working on self-mastery, singing mantras and learning about holistic healing techniques.


Over the past 10 years she has been increasingly drawn to a holistic lifestyle and holistic healing approaches. This has led her to train to be an Energy Healer, a Facilitator for Transformational Healing, a Reiki-Master, a Moon-Mother, a Kundalini-Yoga Teacher (with a specialization in stress and vitality), a Meditation Teacher, a Laughter-Yoga Teacher and a Kids-Yoga Teacher. Prior to that she studied in various European countries for degrees in Environmental Sciences, Social work and Social politics, as well as Primary Education.


"My wish is to support people in transforming their lives to become happier, healthier and more in touch with themselves. I wish people to feel inspired and confident, to bring out always higher versions of themselves, and to live in greater harmony with nature and their personal dreams."















 Born and raised in Switzerland, Manuela has had a fascination for Asian culture and philosophy from an early age. After studying and working in communication design in Switzerland, she decided to leave her full-time job for what was meant to be a sabbatical journey through Asia. Now, she has been living in Asia for almost 5 years, and since 2016 she has lived and worked in Cambodia. She teaches Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, and plays an active part in the emerging art and design community of Siem Reap.


For Manuela, Yoga not only happens on the mat – it happens in our everyday life, in the choices we make, in how we express ourselves and interact in this world, in the ways we treat others and ourselves. Yoga is, for her, very much about cultivating a loving and kind connection with the body and mind, in order to live a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


Her wish as a teacher is to give you the opportunity to find out what Yoga means for you, by experiencing this precious quality time and deep connection with your true self. Just as every person may be at a different point in their life, each experience of a Yoga practice is unique. Manuela therefore encourages you not to blindly follow any sequence, trend, or teacher, but invites you to listen to what your body really needs instead. Observe, trust and experience.


“What I find to be the most empowering aspect of Yoga is that it holds the beauty of the immediate experience. It is only through your own experiences that you can truly learn and grow. During a Yoga practice, you experience the movement of your body, your breath and your mind. You notice sensations on all these levels, and how they are connected: from obvious to subtle, from noise to stillness, from tension to relaxation, from fear to freedom. Being a cancer survivor myself, the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki has helped me in appreciating things the way they are and finding peace of mind. I feel incredibly grateful that I can share the wisdom and beauty of these ancient practices with others. I am still learning on a daily basis, and yet I see how I am becoming that person I was so desperately looking for when I most needed it myself: Someone that gives you the opportunity to play an active role in your own healing process, and holds a safe space to experience and express who you really are: Real peace, real happiness, real love“


Find out more about Manuela and her Yoga journey on her website:









Manuela and Barbara

The two women have known each other for over 15 years. Their friendship has grown over the years, not least because of their common views on life and interests in personal development, philosophy, spirituality and holistic practices. Both of them individually found their path to yoga, meditation and energy healing whilst in search of something to support them in overcoming personal hardships. For over a decade now, Manuela and Barbara have been supporting each other in sisterhood, throughout the ups and downs that life offered them, continously exchanging their knowledge and experiences along their individual journeys. After several years of practicing alongside one another, traveling and studying in India together, it seemed like the most natural thing to do, to begin hosting workshops and retreats together.


Barbara and Manuela, like all of us, have both faced their own struggles in the process of becoming women. Both have lived and worked in a performance-driven society, where work life is mostly dominated by the more masculine aspects of the world. Each facing personal challenges, they began to draw inspiration and strength from their immersive Yoga and meditation practice. Their holistic approach to self-healing invited their feminine sides back into their lives, and allowed them to rebuild their lives as women in a way that made them feel whole and happy. Barbara is traveling the world while deepening and sharing her knowledge and passion of kundalini yoga and energy healing. Manuela has been living and learning in Asia for the last 5 years, exploring the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of meditation, yoga and arts.


Together Barbara and Manuela bring knowledge from different paths of Yoga and Energy healing into this retreat. This offers you inspiring perspectives, creating a rich and nourishing experience for you. Drawing strength from their strong friendship, partnership and sisterhood, they are able to give support and hold a safe space for you, in order to dive deep into your own inspirational journey of transformation so that you may really become that extraordinary woman, who is just waiting to emerge.






















The beautifully designed Eco-Retreat offers accommodation types for every budget. You get to choose between single or twin bungalows, or an affordable 6-bed dorm room. All rooms are bright and spacious and come with an ensuite bathroom and mosquito nets. Each bungalow has a private terrace from where you can sink into the magnificent view that stretches over the Mekong River.


“Bring your sister”:
If you book together with your friend, we offer you a $100 discount per booking ($50 per person).

During the retreat, you have the option to book additional sessions, such as private yoga and meditation classes, energy healing and Reiki treatments.

Early-Bird Offer:

Book before November 30, 2019 to profit from our discounted early-bird prices, and get a free traditional Khmer massage during the retreat!


Single Room: $1350
Twin Room: $1150
Dorm Room: $950


Regular Prices:

If you decide to book after November 30, 2019, these are the rates for the different room-types:


Single Room: $1550
Twin Room: $1450
Dorm Room: $1150


All prices are stated in US-Dollars. Upon booking, a deposit of 25% of the total price is required. The deposit is fully refundable only if the booking is cancelled within 14 days. Remaining payment is due before February 20, 2020.

Payment options include Paypal and international Bank-transfer: depending on the form of payment, additional booking fees may apply.



  • Travel costs to Kampong Cham (pick-up from Phnom Phen can be arranged)

  • Tourist Visa for Cambodia

  • Additional treatments such as private yoga classes, healing sessions, massages, spa treatments, etc.

  • Personal expenses (additional meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc.)